2020 World Time Attack Challenge Cancelled

Photo Credit: WTAC

14 July 2020

After speaking to key stakeholders regarding the interest of public health and safety, the World Time Attack Challenge (WTAC) organisation has decided to cancel the 2020 running of the event.

The international nature of WTAC requires cars, drivers, containers and personnel to be transported from countries around the world. Travel and freight restrictions may hinder our ability to provide our renowned international show for our time attack fans in a timely manner.

WTAC has been a major spectator sport at Sydney Motorsport Park for a decade and with public health concerns, it would be irresponsible to continue with a large-scale public event in 2020.

“Whilst they will no doubt find a solution to this terrible virus, it would be irresponsible for us to set out to create an international event knowing full well by the time the event came around, there was a very distinct possibility of travel bans, shipping delays and restrictions on spectator events,” said Ian Baker, CEO of World Time Attack Challenge.

“I would like to thank all of our competitors, fans, sponsors and the ARDC for the ongoing support. I acknowledge that we are still a long way from October, but we need to call this now as entries were scheduled to open in less than 4 weeks.”

“What I will tell you is we will be starting work on WTAC 2021 almost immediately and expect it to be a huge one to make up for the year off!”

The WTAC organisation will continue to organise for a 2021 event return. We are confident this extra time will allow our teams to even further develop their vehicles and our valued sponsors and traders to have more time to prepare their activations for next year.