Supercar Team Disqualified

Photo Credit: Supercars Championship

20 May 2021

Jordan Boys has lost the Dunlop Super2 Series lead after he was disqualified from Race 2 of the Repco Mt Panorama 500.

The Image Racing driver won the second race of the weekend in Bathurst and clinched a maiden round victory, helping him to the series lead.

However, a post-event technical check found that the Walkinshaw Racing-built engine in Boys’ car exceeded the accumulated engine power number (AEP) by a factor which yielded a performance advantage.

Following the disqualification, MW Motorsport’s Tyler Everingham is officially the Race 2 winner, with Tickford Racing’s Zak Best assuming the championship lead.

In response to the disqualification, Walkinshaw Racing admitted Boys’ disqualification was “disappointing”.

The engine, WR62, was removed from the #49 entry in a routine random post-event technical check.

According to the stewards’ report, it was claimed by Walkinshaw Racing at that time to conform with ESD No. SC-2-305.

The #49’s engine was sealed and transported to Supercars’ Technical Facility.

It was then examined by the Supercars Engine Projects Manager (EPM), which ran the engine on the Supercars dyno.

It was found that it produced an AEP which exceeded the maximum AEP approved by Supercars for a VF Commodore engine, and did not conform to SC-2-305.

The stewards report highlighted, via Rule G8.1.2, that “cars must only be fitted with an engine as detailed in an ESD relevant to that make of car”.

The EPM requested that WR produce the ESD to which WR claims WR62 now conforms.

No ESD was produced by WR; because it is the supplier to Image Racing, Boys’ squad also couldn’t supply an ESD.

The report stated that a representative of WR was present when WR62 was tested after it was removed from the car.

It was also stated that WR had been warned in an email from the EPM in February 2020 that engines in Super2 cars must conform to an ESD, and must not exceed a quoted maximum AEP.

“On 7 April 2021 a Panel of Stewards conducted a Hearing into a Charge by the Race Director that Image Racing breached Rule G8.1.2 in that the engine used in Car #49 did not conform to an ESD,” read the stewards report.

“The Stewards upheld the Charge, found the breach established and imposed a Penalty of Disqualification of Car #49 from Race 2 and have directed that the Final Classifications for Race 2 be amended accordingly.”


It was found that Rule G8.1.2 had been breached, and Boys was disqualified from Race 2.

The report clarified that, even though Image Racing had no involvement in the build of WR62, Rule A4.3.2 makes clear that the competitor who enters a car must ensure that their car complies with the rules throughout the event.

The Image Racing representative stated that the team had no knowledge that the engine was non-conforming, and no reason to suspect it might be.

However, while the the team had a “previously unblemished record”, as stated in the report, the recommended penalty for a breach of a technical rule is disqualification, which was handed down to the #49.

A performance advantage, albeit small, had been confirmed; however, Boys’ third place from Race 1 will stand, given WR62 was not tested after the race, with the stewards receiving no evidence that it exceeded the approved maximum AEP.

The report also clarified that the stewards didn’t know if any free components had been changed between Race 1 and Race 2.

Boys has dropped to 13th in the standings ahead of the next event at Winton, which will be held across May 29-30, 2021.