Sara Price Launches BurnFuel

Photo Credit: SaraPrice

29 December 2020

LAKE ELSINORE, California (October 2020) – Inspired by the desire to create a diverse community in not only motorsports but for all those who burn fuel in their daily lives, founder, Sara Price saw an opportunity to connect those who live radical lifestyles.

Price, the most winning female amateur to date, started to race motocross at a young age working her way up the ranks cumulating 19 championships and an X-Game medal. She then made a successful transition to 4 Wheels and went on to make history several times including competing in the toughest all-female sporting event on the planet the Rallye Aïcha Des Gazelles in Morocco, Africa, being the first-ever female to win a SCORE International Trophy Truck Spec Championship and being the first IronWoman to complete the Baja 1000 in a Spec Truck.

‘’I couldn’t be more excited to help connect and inspire a whole community of driven and passionate people. Burn Fuel is proof that If you can dream it, you can achieve it’’ said Said Price.

Burn Fuel operates as an online retailer selling merchandise such as hats, shirts, and various other material goods. The online store will be updated regularly and presented to the audience via content creation on social media.

BurnFuel is built on passion, it means more than just burning gasoline, it is a call to action to go out and live the life you want.

Burn Fuel encourages those who dare to live radical lifestyles and commit by burning all the fuel they have into it.

Burn Fuel means Dedication, Inspire, Innovate, Create…

Just keep Burning and you will accomplish all you could ever imagine.

What Fuels You?