Kelly Racing switching to Mustangs for 2020

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11 January 2020

After campaigning Nissan Altimas for 7 successive years, Kelly Racing will be switching to Ford Mustangs from the 2020 season. Originally introduced in 2013 as part of the new Car of the Future rules under a factory backed team; the Nissan Altima of Kelly Racing never managed to marry a high performing engine and aerodynamics package.

“It is a little bit sad because the whole thing just never lined up,” Todd Kelly told of the Altima project coming to a close.

“We started with a really good car and an engine that we were promised would get a few dispensations to get up to speed. [But] as it turned out it’s taken us six years to get the engine to where it needs to be. In that time, our really good aero package has aged significantly to its competitors.”

“If we had the good car line up with the good engine, we could have been who knows where? We would have had a heap of trophies in the cabinet somewhere, but we’ve ended up with a really good engine and an outdated car at the end.”

Kelly Racing will downsize its stable from four to two cars as part of its switch from Nissan to Ford with Rick Kelly and Andre Heimgartner remaining as the full time drivers.

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