ISOC finalizes Championship Off-Road Rules for 2020

Photo Credit: ISOC

11 February 2020

ISOC Racing has announced the 2020 rulebook for the inaugural season of their Championship Off-Road Series.

“After consulting with racers, teams, and other off-road experts, we have published a rulebook that we believe will deliver the best racing, a level playing field, and a more affordable off-road series,” expressed ISOC President Carl Schubitzke.

“After hearing from these individuals we knew there would be tough rules decisions that needed to be made. We believe that this rulebook is what will be best for the racers and the off-road industry as a whole.”

Technical rules for the upcoming ISOC Championship Off-Road Series will include:
• All 3 Pro classes will race on D.O.T. tires. This ruling will help contain cost, make racing more affordable, and give ISOC racers an equal opportunity to obtain tires used by competitors.
• All Pro race trucks built that meet various specs, from the different and/or past series’, can now race together with the “balance of performance” approach.
• With the fast growth of UTV racing, there are many very different rules used by the multiple promoters. ISOC will adjust some rules from the 2019 Mid-West rules package.

The official rulebook has been released and is now available online at