Is this the Future of Motorsports?

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22 September 2020

Motorsport has been continuously elevating to new levels over the last few years. The sport has taken on another pioneering role in the development of road-going cars, with regard to hydrogen technology and zero emissions. A new hydrogen powered racing series is estimated to be launched in 2023, featuring zero-emission cars and revolutionary braking system. The series known as HYRAZE League will use “environmentally-produced” hydrogen as fuel for its 800hp fleet of cars, using two hydrogen fuel cells to power four electric motors.

Is this the future of motor racing? Is this the future of motorsport?

A new hydrogen-powered racing series will launch in 2023.

The HYRAZE League marks the birth of a virtually zero-emission, safe and sustainable form of motorsport.

The series will feature 800-bhp hydrogen-powered cars, with a “revolutionary braking system.” Any brake dust produced is supposedly captured in the car and disposed of in an environmentally neutral manner afterward.

Car tires will also be specially developed from renewable, raw materials. The energy for the car’s zero-emission drivetrain is provided by green hydrogen, which is converted into electricity in the car’s two fuel cells, before being transported to the four electric motors. Cars will feature especially safety structures to protect the hydrogen tank, which will be made from carbon fiber.

The Hyraze League will be breaking new ground with its driving concept. The braking system will be unique in international racing for the all-wheel drive vehicles. As any dust arising out of the vehicle will be caught and disposed of late rather than polluting the environment. Special tires developed from rapidly renewable raw materials would also ensure that tire wear is minimized.

The teams would consist of two drivers for each car – one for the real race and one who would take part in the e-sports events, which are also part of the championship. The results of both races would be accounted equally into the championship ranking, so that in the end one team is crowned the overall winner of both disciplines.

Thanks to the energy concept optimized for sprint races, the drivers would be able to use the full performance of the vehicle. The ability to fill the two tanks quickly during a race – a fundamental advantage that hydrogen technology offers over purely battery-electric vehicles – means that the races can also be extended to long-distance distances at any time.

“In order to achieve widespread acceptance in society, motorsport must become lower in emissions, more sustainable, and more economical,” says HWA CEO Ulrich Fritz. “We want to use our experience as a vehicle developer and racing team to launch an innovative racing series that meets precisely these prerequisites, in the form of the HYRAZE League”.

The series is a partnership between HWA, German manufacturer Schaeffler, as well as ADAC, DEKRA, & the DMSB organisation.