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How To – Create an Event on RPMX

Step 1 Choose Race Series as your membership plan

Step 2Register your account with rpmx.info

Step 3Login to your rpmx.info account

Step 4 Click on My Event to add or edit your Event details.

Step 5 Click on the Button to Add New Event

Step 6 Add your Event details here

Step 7 – Tips to Upload Event Logo

  • Save the image as a high-resolution png or jpg format file.
  • The dimensions for a race series logo image is 800 pixels wide and 600 pixels high.
  • The best size for the image is 130KB- 200KB.
  • Choose a neutral background, i.e. white or light grey.
  • The image should be sharp and in focus.

Step 8Add the details of Events here

Step 9 Finally, Click on the Add button to save your Event Details