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How To – Upload a News Article onto RPMX

Step 1Choose Race Series as your membership plan

Step 2Register your account with rpmx.info

Step 3Login to RPMX.info

Step 4 Click on My News Article

Step 5 Click on the Button to Add News

Step 6 Click on I agree button for Photo Upload Agreement

Step 7 Add News Article Details

To add multiple images to a News Item, you can copy and paste the images from the news source directly into the News Item that you are creating in RPMX.

Copy Image From The News Source
Paste Image To News Item Editor

Step 8 – Tips to Upload News Item Photo

Click Photo Upload Button

To use your own photo as the Main Image of this news item please follow these instructions:

  • Hover your mouse over the default RPMX image below, and click on the X
  • Click on the “ADD IMAGE” button
  • Drag the image that you would like to use as the MAIN IMAGE into your online RPMX media gallery, or use the SELECT FILES option, to navigate to the image that you wish to use
  • The maximum size is: 800px wide X 600px high, Image should be in .jpg or .png format only
  • Wait for the image to upload to your RPMX Media Library
  • Click on the image from inside your RPMX Media Library
  • Add a relevant Description and Title to your image. This helps the search engines to find your news article
  • Click on the blue SELECT button
  • If required, use the pop-up cropping tool to drag the cropping frame to a new position over the photo\
  • When you are happy with the cropping, click on the CROP button
  • Your photo will now show up in the draft of your News Item.
  • To edit your photo before you upload it https://pixlr.com/x/

Step 9Add News Article Photo and enter details of the Photo Credit

Step 10 – Finally, Click on the Add News button to add this News items.