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Why be normal, when you can be famous! Publish your own team news, race updates and company profiles on RPMX.

How To – Create a Team Profile on RPMX

Before you can create a Driver’s Profile, or Vehicle Profile, you must first create a Team Profile to link them to.

Step 1Choose Pro Team as your membership plan

Step 2 Register your account with rpmx.info

Step 3Login to your rpmx.info account

Step 4 Click on My Control Panel

Step 5 Click on My Team Profile to add or edit your team profile details.

Step 6 Add your Team Profile details here

Step 7 Add your Social Media Accounts

Step 8 Add your Team videos here

Step 9 Update your Team Results here

Step 10 How to upload your Team Logo

  • The best size for the image is 10KB – 90KB.
  • Upload the images as a .png or .jpg format file,
  • The image should be sharp and in focus.
  • If you need help designing a Race Team Logo, please contact the RPMX Design Studio.

Step 11 How to Upload your Team Photo

  • Choose a neutral background, with no clutter in the background ie: no powerlines, buildings, porta-potties, people, or other vehicles,
  • The team members should be in your team uniform,
  • The image has to be sharp and in focus,
  • Upload the images as a .png or .jpg format file,
  • The best size for The Race Team photo is 800 pixels WIDE and not more than 530 pixels HIGH,
  • If in doubt, have the photo taken “on location” by a professional photographer, or have the photo taken inside a large photo studio,
  • If your team photo needs retouching, contact the RPMX Design Studio for help.

Step 12 – Finally, Click on the Update button to save your profile details.