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How To – Add a Vehicle Profile to RPMX

Before you can create a Driver’s Profile, or Vehicle Profile, you must first create a Team Profile to link them to.

What would you like to do?:

Q: Create a Vehicle Profile for a Race Team that is NOT already featured on RPMX

A: Instructions;

FIRST: Create a Team Profile

THEN: Create a Vehicle Profile that you can link to your race team

Create my Team Profile now


Q: Create another Vehicle Profile for a Race Team that is already featured on RPMX

A: Awesome, please follow the instructions below

Step 1Choose Pro Team as your Membership Plan

Step 2Register your account with rpmx.info

Step 3 Login to your rpmx.info account

Step 4 Click on My Control Panel

Step 5 Click on My Vehicle Profile to add or edit your Vehicle details.

Step 6 Click on the Button to Add New Vehicle

Step 7 Add your Vehicle Profile details here

Step 8 – Tips for creating a great photo of your race vehicle.

  • Choose a neutral background, with no clutter in the background ie no powerlines, buildings, porta-potties, people, or other vehicles,
  • The photo should be taken with the vehicle parked “side on”, or at a “three quarter” aspect to the camera,
  • The vehicle should be clean. ie: take the photo before a major race or practice session,
  • The image has to be sharp and in focus,
  • The image should be well balanced. ie: the vehicle is in the middle of the photo,
  • Save the image as a high res .png or .jpg format file,
  • The best size of a race vehicle photo is 800 pixels WIDE and 500 pixels HIGH, whereas the race vehicle close-ups photos should be 416 pixels WIDE and 390 pixels HIGH.
  • If in doubt, have the photo taken “on location” by a professional photographer, or have the photo taken inside a large photo studio.
  • If the photo of your race vehicle needs retouching, contact the RPMX Design Studio for help.

Step 9 Add details of the History of your Vehicle, ie: builder, previous owner, previous driver etc.

Step 10Add the details of Vehicle here

Step 11Click on the Add Button to Update Vehicle’s Race Wins Details

Step 12Click on the Add Button to Update Action Photos of Vehicle

Step 13 How to upload your Vehicle Action and Closeup Photos

Instructions on how to upload your Action and Closeup Photos:

  • The best size for the image is 10KB – 90KB.
    • The image should be sharp and in focus.
    • Save the image as a high res .png or .jpg format file.
    • The best size for a photo is 300 pixels WIDE and 170 pixels HIGH,
    • If you need help designing a Race Team Logo, please contact the RPMX Design Studio.

Step 14 Click on Add Button to Upload your Vehicle Closeup Photos

Step 15 – Add your Vehicle Sponsors

Step 16 Finally, Click on the Update button to save your Vehicle Profile.