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Why be normal, when you can be famous! Publish your own team news, race updates and company profiles on RPMX.



RPMX delivers the latest news and driver profiles from some of the most popular auto racing series.

RPMX includes a number of easy to use tools that allows drivers, teams, and organisers to create and publish their own profiles, team news and event info.

RPMX is the tool to use to post accurate news releases in an easy to use the format that will connect you to fans, race series, manufacturers and sponsors.

You can email any issues to info@rpmx.info and we can take a look at it.

Yes we can. RPMX has a full in-house graphic design and web development team. To enquire about your new web site, team logo, or race vehicle graphics, follow this link.


For help preparing your images, go here

Most professionals will resize their images in Photoshop, but free options also exist online including Pixlr. See: https://pixlr.com/x/

You can use the drag and drop function below the text box function, and you can also drop images in line with the text as an alternative option.

Yes, we have live links to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds and can embed Youtube videos into your profiles.

Yes, go to the News Articles in the Control Panel and click the Red Pencil next to the article to revise, edit and update it.

We have filled out some content to get your started. Following that, each company, event or race team can create their own content and publish it themselves.

However RPMX can produce regular content for your race team or series. RPMX will charge you a small monthly fee to do this. If you are interested in this service please use this link


Awesome, follow this link, and if they signup, you will be rewarded with one month free subscription.

Oops. You can reset your password, by using the password reset feature. You can find this here.

We will be sorry to see you go. You have two options. OPTION 1. Let your membership lapse. OPTION 2. Apply for a refund “See the RPMX Refund Policy”

No problem. Follow this link to the membership options. Select which membership you are interested in and click on Get Started.


Follow this link to the  Getting Started videos.

You can list each of your products in your Shopping Cart as part of your RPMX < href="/membership-plans/">membership plan.

Fans can then purchase your items directly from your shopping cart on the RPMX web site.

When an order is made, RPMX advises you of the sale and the shipping address.

RPMX then pays you for the item, less a small processing fee.

RPMX includes detaisl of the sale into a Sales Reports that is located inside your RPMX Shopping Cart.

Step 1. Register as a team, race series, or company.

Step 2. Set up yu shopping cart.

Step 3. Add your product information and product photos.

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