Greaves Sweeps Pro4

Photo Credit: championship Offroad

5 October 2020

Elk River, Minneaplolis

Round six of Championship Off Racing at ERX Motor Park was a tone-setting, second half look at what the final four rounds in September will provide. Fast action, go-for-broke racing, and drama that will fester until the next green flag drops.

Greaves Comes Away With Weekend Sweep​

The mantra of Pro4 was “Hold On”, as it was another wild ride for the fastest trucks in short course tried to tame the one-mile track laid out at ERX Motor Park.

From the jump, it was Andrew Carlson out from and setting an extremely fast pace. He utilized his local knowledge and transferred into a textbook lesson on how to get around the rugged ERX track. Lap after lap, with past champions like CJ Greaves, Kyle LeDuc and Johnny Greaves breathing down his tailpipe, Carlson held point. But the ERX harkened the days of old, getting more and more gnarly as the laps ticked away.

When a full field of 900 horsepower trucks digs into a track, it begins to swallow up trucks, bust open fiberglass and knocks down tires. That was the case for Carslon, who was close to his first win in 2020, but a flat tire on lap 11 took the #15 off the track.

That opened the door for two Monsters, as both Greaves and LeDuc were entrenched in a battle behind Carlson. LeDuc had to work from the back after getting shuffled away from the front on the second lap. The three-time winner this season went on a crazy ride trying to get back to the front. He worked his way around Johnny Greaves, who also left with a flat tire before finishing fifth.

After that he made it around CJ Greaves, but Greaves quickly returned the favor, passing LeDuc at the same spot he made the pass on his way to his second win of the season.

With less than two laps to go, a flat started forming on LeDuc’s front tire, and even with the foot flush to the floor, he was unable to catch Greaves again, who motored home to a five-second win. Adrian Cenni continued to find his pace and put in the best finish of the season in third.