Gen3 Mustang Revealed

Photo Credit: Ford

9 September 2021

Ford’s Mustang Supercar is set to get a sleek new look in 2022 thanks to the new Gen3 rule package.

The release of Gen3 technical details comes alongside confirmation the Chevrolet Camaro will join the championship in 2022.

Gen3 will place a greater emphasis on retaining key dimensions between the race cars and the road vehicles they represent.

The control Gen3 chassis will feature a lower roofline than the current iteration, allowing for a sleeker Mustang.

Renders of what a Gen3 Mustang will look like in Tickford Racing and Kelly Racing colors have been released, alongside those of the new Camaro.

President and CEO of Ford Australia and New Zealand, Andrew Birkic welcomed the opportunity to show Supercars fans a glimpse of the future.

“Ford and Supercars share a rich heritage and a strong future, and we’re excited that fan, can see how that’s developing for 2022 and beyond,” he said.

“We look forward to continuing to work with Sean Seamer and the team at Supercars on our common goal of Ford competing in a highly competitive, entertaining and accessible series.

“We’ve said before that Ford Performance exists to win races and series that matter.

“The development of the Gen3 rules is an opportunity to ensure that fans in Australia continue to enjoy a world-class Supercars series that delivers the spectacle and intense competition that has made it worth winning and, ultimately, great to watch.”

The current Mustang replaced the Ford Falcon in 2019, winning that year’s Supercars title and Bathurst 1000 with Scott McLaughlin.

McLaughlin recently secured the 2020 title in his #17 Shell V-Power entry, which is among eight Mustangs on the Bathurst grid.