Extreme E Launches New Brand Identity

Photo Credit: Extreme E

29 August 2019

Extreme E, operating partner of Formula E, revealed an adventurous and impactful brand identity today as the ground-breaking motor racing championship continues to take shape.
Unlike any other concept which currently exists in sport, Extreme E will see electric SUVs race head-to-head in some of the world’s most remote and extreme environments. The series is set to revolutionise motorsport and entertainment as it showcases E-SUV innovation and performance, whilst raising awareness, inspiring action and highlighting the global threat of climate change.

Extreme E’s competitors will battle across five formidable locations that have already been severely damaged as a direct result of climate change – the Himalayas, Arctic, Amazon Rainforest, Sahara Desert and an Indian Ocean island – when the first season gets underway in early 2021. The series is committed to sustainability and will play its part in the restoration of the areas in which it races.

Alejandro Agag, Founder & CEO of Formula E – operating partner of Extreme E – said: “Sport creates a passionate following like nothing else, and Extreme E will use its motorsport platform as an opportunity to raise awareness of critical environmental issues.
“Extreme E is our race to save the planet. From melting ice caps and glaciers, to deforestation and desertification, Extreme E will provide a crucial storytelling platform about the threat and impact of climate change in each location in which we race, and as we lay out the foundations of this brand new sport, it was crucial to design a brand presence which supports this bold mission.”

‘X’ is a symbol of hazard and caution recognised worldwide, signifying issues that lie ahead – this warning sign acts as the heart of the Extreme E logo and offers a window into the areas of the planet that are under threat. It is positioned between two ‘Es’, representing ‘Extreme’ and ‘Electric’.

‘Extreme E’s new logo. The brand’s feature colours include green and black, symbolising a contrast of climate threat against hope and a feeling of collective responsibility for the planet’s future. The brand’s feature colours include green and black, symbolising a contrast of climate threat against hope and a feeling of collective responsibility for the planet’s future. The brand identity also provides an expression for each of Extreme E’s five locations,  which visually represent each of these unique environments. Whilst ensuring the brand lives and breathes within a digital world, with a strong focus on the execution within a  broadcast storytelling.

The brand agency behind the design, Interstate Creative Partners, has worked with Extreme E since the series was first launched in early January. Nick Downes, Managing Partner, Interstate Creative Partners, explains: “The Extreme E brand is the product of young people caring, actually getting angry about the environment they live in and the long-term damage they see affecting the human race and everything around it.
“This unique motorsport platform comes packed with the entertainment, adventure and strong purpose. ‘The Race For The Planet’ is not just an aspirational sporting position, but also outlines society’s race against time to slow down climate effect and bring about solutions for sustainable change.”

Since its launch, Extreme E has been busy outlining its sporting regulations, as well as signing up team and supporting partners, and scouting potential race locations which have already been affected by environmental issues. The race action will be broadcast live from each location, and a behind the scenes story telling will become the focus of a ten-part adventure documentary series which will delve deeper into the stories of the drivers, key series characters and the climate issues faced in each location.

To minimise local environmental impact, audiences will follow the action remotely and the race track will feature remote branding and waypoints wherever possible. Extreme E also aims to minimise its emissions through the use of a unique floating paddock. The RMS St. Helena will transport teams, staff, vehicles, electrical charging equipment and an innovative research laboratory as the series goes around the world.