Bloodhound LSR Reaches 481mph on Run #30

Photo Credit: Bloodhound LSR Team

23 November 2019

  Profile 7, 550 mph. Test modified chute (150lb tie) and brake grip limit.
Run Set-up
 Track 19, Km 0.5
 24C, 929 mb, sunny. Wind 12 o/c 3-6 mph.
 Fuel full.
 4 miles run.
Run Details
 0940 local. Engine start 52 sec with a light head wind.  4:40 engine run time, emergency
shutdown.  AMAD peak temp 50C.

 Car stable throughout the run.
 Intermittent eng bay overheat (‘Fire’) caption came on at ~450 mph, throttle closed,
peak speed 481 mph.
 Chute 1 (150 lb tie) at ~440 mph. Video indicates canopy dump despite stronger tie.
 Brakes on at 160 mph/40 Bar, gradually increased a couple of times to 50 Bar. Possible
indications (it’s hard to tell with a 6 tonne jet car) of minor wheel skid just below 50 Bar,
with wheel tracks appearing to support this assessment.
 Car stopped after 5.4 miles run. Max brake temp (left hand side only) 175C.
 Fire (overheat) caption still flickering after Car stopped. Engine emergency shutdown,
caption extinguished immediately.
Run aborted at 481 mph due to flickering engine bay overheat caption.  Another successful
chute deployment, albeit with canopy dump still evident.  Apparent wheel grip limit now
established for future runs.