Battle at Primm

Photo Credit: Weddle Industries

23 December 2020

Battle at Primm

Primm, Nevada — the SNORE Battle at Primm is usually run in late spring. However, this year’s BAP was held over the weekend of Oct and delivered two full days of racing excitement. Winners were crowned by the best combined time over two days. The BAP’s unique two-day format allows race teams to make adjustments after day one to up their chances of better performance on day two

Justin Davis took the big Class 1 Unlimited win.

Vic Bruckman finished on top of Class 12 driving car #1299

Curt Geer finished first, followed by Rob Hendrickson in second and 1682 Jordan Dean in third in Class 1/2-1600.

In Class 5/1600, Raul Solano took the win, with Guy Savedra in second and Ruben Garcia Jr finishing third.

Top Finishers at the 2020 SNORE King Shocks Battle at Primm
Oct Primm, Nevada

Class 1 Unlimited
1st. #185 Justin Davis, Green Army Motorsports

Class 5U
1st. #516 Justin “Bean” Smith

Class 12
1st 1#299 Vic Bruckman

Class 1/2-1600
1st #1634 Curt Geer
2nd #1647 Rob Hendrickson
3rd #1682 Jordan Dean

Class 5/1600
1st #554 Raul Solano
2nd #568 Guy Savedra
3rd #570 Ruben Garcia Jr.