A magnificent finish to 2020 Africa Eco Race

Photo Credit: Africa Eco Race

23 January 2020

The 2020 edition of the Africa Eco Race stretching from Monaco to Dakar kicked off in style in the marina of the Monaco harbour and concluded on the shores of Lac Rose. The 12th edition of the event, a diversified and renewed route, focused on navigation amongst the sandy tracks and dunes over 6500 kilometers.

The 12th and final stage consisted of a 230km morning liaison between Saint-Louis and the fishing village of Niokob, followed by a 22km special stage between the beach and Lac Rose, a particularly poignant final special stage, incorporating an in-line start, ending up at the beach front podium.

Once all the winners and finishers had been arranged by the organizing team in the order of passage over the podium installed by the Senegalese Federation of Motor Sport and Motorcycle (FSSAM), friends, families, assistants and motorsport enthusiasts were able to applaud the heroes of the event one-by-one for more than three hours.

There was elation for Miklos Kovcas, Lazlo Acs and Peter Czegledi – winners of the truck category in their Scania – and there were a lot of noise from the many Italians present on the rally for Alessandro Botturi, the motorcycle winner.

Yamaha rider Alessandro Botturi won the bike category with father / son duo of Patrick and Lucas Martin taking out the four wheel category.

Each competitor celebrated their podium in a different way. There was solidarity with donations given to good Senegalese causes and smiles all round, particularly for the various teams made up of parents and children.

Source: Africa Eco Race