Gymkhana STI Livery Reveal

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21 November 2020

Subaru of America revealed the most outrageous WRX STI ever, a custom-built tire destroyer set to star in the next installment of Hoonigan’s Gymkhana video series with Subaru Motorsports USA driver Travis Pastrana at the wheel.

This car is far more than your average rally car, though. It’s a race car with no restrictions or regulations, making more power and producing more aero than anything Vermont Sportscar has built before. The whole body is carbon fiber, and the exhaust exits directly out of the hood. Underneath the livery is an extreme car ready for whatever Gymkhana or its racing future throws in its path. It’s powered by a completely bespoke 2.3-liter Subaru Boxer engine with a billet block. It looks absurd and sounds amazing. Perfect for Gymkhana.

“We’ve never had the opportunity to do this before, to build a car with no restriction,” said Pastrana. “Engine, suspension, aero—everything is unlimited, clean sheet. It’s crazy fast, easy to control and get sideways and it was perfect out of the box in testing. Gymkhana is a new challenge for me but I want to raise the bar, and this is the car to do it.”

“When we brought Subaru back to Gymkhana, we knew we had to build something outrageous,” said William Stokes, Motorsports Manager, Subaru of America. “Travis always wants to push the limits, so we knew from the outset we weren’t going to do this with a rally or rallycross car. This was an opportunity for us to redefine what an STI could be, and the results speak for themselves.”