Extreme E launches FanWorld

Photo Credit: Electric Odyssey

27 May 2021

Extreme E launches FanWorld ahead of Ocean X Prix

25 May 2021, London: Extreme E, which is preparing for the Ocean X Prix in Senegal (29-30 May),  has launched FanWorld – a virtual experience for people at home to bring them closer to the action. In this virtual zone, fans will receive exclusive access to the Command Centre, driver’s on-board cameras plus a chance to win a spot in a live Q&A with the championship’s world-class drivers.

FanWorld is available here and entries for the live Q&A draw close on 28 May.

Fans are encouraged to tag their experience using #XEFanWorld and the best content will be hosted in the virtual world bringing fans from all over the world together to experience Extreme E. There will also be an opportunity to access virtual autograph cards.

Ali Russell, Chief Marketing Officer, said: “I think this new initiative is going to excite fans and give them new ways to engage with Extreme E.

“We saw a huge appetite for the series from the Desert X Prix and I hope this will continue to grow throughout Season 1. FanWorld brings all the action to homes of people that enjoy our sport and brings them closer to the racing.”

The GridPlay vote opens tomorrow (Wednesday 26 May) at 0900 GMT and closes 30 minutes into Semi-Final 2 on Sunday 30 May. This gives fans the chance to pick their favourite team and influence the starting line-up for the Final.

Teams that don’t make the Final can gift votes to their preferred competitors, and in Saudi Arabia this meant Andretti United were able to select its starting spot in the closing race, so every vote really does count.

The Ocean X Prix takes place on 29 and30 May in Lac Rose, Dakar, Senegal. A host of global broadcasters will be airing the Qualifying rounds, Semi-Finals and Final – more details can be found here.